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Beate Sommerauer-Fischer was born 1951 in Steyr, Austria. Her love for art and her skills were emphasized during her studies at the University of Arts in Linz, Austria.

Being introduced to 'behind glass painting', an art form practiced in Eastern Europe during the early years in this century, her dedication to this art expression lasted up to present. Beate was teaching 'behind glass painting' techniques as an instructor for 10 years at the College of Art at Steyr.

Her versatility and talents are demonstrated by the numerous restoring projects, starting from ancient oil paintings to antique furnitures (chests, cupboards, and wardrobes from the 19th century).

Among her mediums to paint are oil, acrylic, watercolor, and colored pencils. Other - more recent - creative work include stained glass for windows, Tiffany lamps, and - one of her great loves - stepping stones.

Having moved to Sedona (Arizona) in late 1995, Beate was strongly influenced by the South-Western Art, and by the Beauty of the Red Rocks and surrounding desert.

At the Sedona Art center she was attending art classes with Ellery Gibson in Acrylic and Richard Drayton in Colored Pencil painting, a technique which seems to empower Beate's talent to the most.

Examples of her Artwork are exhibited and are for sale at the exclusive One World Art Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

The following pages will give an insight in the diversity of Beate's Artwork with emphasis of the various techniques.


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